When is it time to make a move?

Make the move when it is essential for your quality of life


Your Golden years should be blissful

There are multiple factors that form up to build a good quality of life – Physical Health & Hygiene, Mental Health, Nutrition, Medication, Companionship and Recreation. You may consider moving into a Senior Living Facility when:

You feel you are missing out on life and want a hassle-free life
You feel lonely and alone. Passing time becomes difficult
You want care and companionship with likeminded individuals
You want to focus on relaxation and want time to pursue your hobbies and interests
You want 24*7 access to medical care and emergency services
You or a loved one needs assistance in daily activities
You want Post-Operative care or rehabilitation
You or a loves one suffering with dementia needs support, memory care and supervision
Identifying the Signs

If you are considering Aurum for your loved one. Here are some signs that may point towards Aurum being the right choice:

  • You are concerned about their safety and security
  • You believe that they need assistance in daily activities
  • You want in-house access to medical care and emergency services
  • You are concerned about their mental wellbeing
  • You worry that your loved ones is feeling isolated, irritated or unhappy
  • Your loved one has been diagnosed with Dementia

We understand that talking to loved ones about this move is never an easy decision. Speak to our team of expert counsellors to understand how moving to a senior care can have positive impact on you and your loved one.

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Social Isolation & Lack of Recreational Activities

Everyday chores for maintaining a house, taking care of your health and wellbeing can be overwhelming sometimes. Essential outside work like bank visit and grocery shopping can also feel dangerous in the times of COVID. A place like Aurum, frees you of these anxieties. We now know that socialization and positive relationships are not only good for our mental wellbeing, but also our overall health. At Aurum, you become part of a larger family of like-minded residents and warm and caring staff members. With plenty of activities to do and so many others to do them with, you will never feel isolated again.

Age Related Medical Conditions

Physical health is one of the biggest contributors to quality of life. Taking care of daily chores as well maintaining optimum personal hygiene and nutrition can prove to be an uphill task as we age. It can also become difficult with medical conditions like Parkinson’s, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other health conditions. You or your loved one may require special assistance that you may not have access to at home. Your home at Aurum, is equipped to handle all these levels of care.

Age Related Neurological Conditions

Age-related neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia require specialized care. For some individuals with Dementia, staying at home may not be feasible due to a security risk, and others may need constant supervision and assistance. Aurum specializes in Dementia and memory care. Our infrastructure, nursing and facilities allow for 24*7 supervision and assistance. Our in house psychologists also specialize in cognitive stimulation, memory care and managing behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.

The Need for Change

You have done your part for your family and work. Now is the time for you to focus on yourself. Make this change towards a safe, comfortable, happy and content life.

About Aurum Assisted Living

Aurum Assisted Living is a new 40 room & suites Boutique Assisted Living Residence, located in Gurugram, Delhi NCR. It is an abode for elders looking for a family of likeminded co-residents. It is also equipped to care for to those who may require assistance in day to day living with special support and care. At Aurum Assisted Living our aim is to Add Life to Years of our Residents.