Quality of Life meets Quality Care

Specialized care to enable you to live a quality life during your golden years


A Second Innings Haven

A beautiful life awaits you at the Aurum Assisted Living With 36,000Sq. Ft. of living area, we offer spaces that are customized to give its residents the same cozy home-like feeling. At Aurum, we have made it our mission to help you have a happy, healthy and dignified life with the best medicare services, covering age-related chronic conditions as well as critical conditions that require specialized care.

Assisted Living

Make your golden years blissful with our professionals assisting you in daily tasks such as personal care, housekeeping, medicine administration, and laundry, while you focus on your physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual interests, hobbies and well-being.

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Independent Living

Be a part of the community without compromising your privacy and lifestyle choices. Independent living allows an individual or couple to stay in a suite or studio apartment of their choice while enjoying the perks of a senior care residence.

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Dementia & Memory Care

Aurum has dedicated infrastructure for Dementia & Memory Care residents. We not only ensure safety, security & comfort, but our team also strategically works toward rebuilding, conditioning and strengthening the memory through daily cognitive stimulation activities.

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Post Operative Care

Recovering from an injury or surgery requires specialized care and constant supervision that our homes are not equipped for. Aurum promises a stress free and well facilitated environment with 24-hour medical supervision, ensuring that our residents recover in the best possible way.

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Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care is dedicated to prevention or timely treatment of diseases and disability in seniors. Aurum’s in-house team of Geriatric physicians are dedicated to ensuring better quality of life, physical independence and functional abilities to our residents in conditions including Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Parkinson disease.

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Palliative Care

Seniors with terminal illnesses require specialized care that is often not possible at home. Aurum’s team helps the palliative care residents maintain a good quality of life by managing symptoms and enabling holistic healing - physical, emotional and spiritual. Advanced level palliative care can also be arranged with our network hospitals.

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