Trial Stay at Aurum

Spend some time with us and then take an informed decision


Experience the Aurum Life!

Not sure about how things will turnout for you? Experience it for yourself with our trial stay option. Spend anywhere from a day to a week with the Aurum family and then take an educated decision for a more committed future.

During the trial stay, you will get to meet other residents, speak with our doctors, counsellors and caregivers. Get to know your way around Aurum and experience the wonderful life, as it would be, when you come to stay with us for a longer term.

Why Should you go for trial stay?

Break the Ice
Trial stays allow you to break the ice with other residents and learn about their experience at Aurum
Experience the Care
Get a first-hand experience of the Aurum brand of care and interact with the team and caregivers
Clear your Doubts
While you enjoy your stay at Aurum, you can also take clarity on any doubts by speaking to our managers
Soak in the Aurum Life
Experience anxiety free life in Aurum, its comforts, conveniences, and community lifestyle
Decide on the Care
While you stay with us, you can consult our doctors if required and decide on the best future lifestyle for you

Write to Us

At Aurum, we are always eager to hear from you and address your queries and concerns. Send us a mail to us at or use the contact form to send us your queries and we will revert to you at the soonest.