Short Term Stays at Aurum

Luxury community living & relaxation await you at Aurum


When a change in scene is all you want!

Sometimes, seniors find it difficult to manage at home, if the caregivers or family is traveling or going on a lengthy vacation. Other reasons include recovery from an illness or injury that require assisted living. Or it may be simply when seniors want to take a break from the mundane household chores and schedule and want a change of scenery, away from the anxieties of an empty nest. For such seniors, Aurum offers short-term stay options that range from one month to six months.

The short-term stay plans are customized for the resident and most benefits and services are covered under a single charge payable in advance , including the stay, food, electricity, laundry and other services, without the need of a security deposit. However, weekly purchases, car rentals, medical care are charged over and above.

Aurum offers the perfect abode for seniors who wish to stay for a short period and enjoy their time in the environs of Aurum’s luxurious community living surrounded by greenery and days full of activity. You might be staying with us for a short while, but we are sure you will return again to meet your new friends.

Carefully curated to ensure your comfort,
safety & privacy

Aurum Assisted Living has been built from the ground up for seniors and the suites and studio apartments are no exception. Each room at Aurum features a long list of carefully curated safety and accessibility additions that make it incredibly safe and comfortable for seniors.

Wheelchair Friendly
Antiskid Flooring in
Shower & WC area
Security Grab-Bars in
Shower & WC Area
Temperature Controlled
All Season Temperature
Controlled Rooms
Emergency Call Bells in
Bedroom & Bathroom
Generous Storage
Personal Micro
Crockery, Cutlery
& Kettle
Work Desk
Well-Ventilated Rooms
with ample daylight
Intercom with direct

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