How to Move?

Step by step guide to making the move


Steps to making the move

When you have taken the first step towards a stress-free, relaxed and comfortable life, the rest will easily follow. At first, getting your family on board and excited for this move is important. All you have to do now is choose the level of care you need and want and select a suitable living space from the many options available at Aurum.

Aurum’s specialized Care

With a team helmed by a group of medical experts, we understand the daily challenges of elders. The entire experience at Aurum has been built with keeping your health and well-being at the forefront – may it be nutrition, medication, rehabilitation or mental & physical health.

With a highly qualified US trained Neurologists as part of the leadership team, we have specialized programs and accommodations for residents with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

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Having the Talk with loved ones

Our family and loved one’s are an important part of our ecosystem and you will want them to be as excited about the move as you. They may hesitate at first, but you can bring them to Aurum to convince them with all the reasons that convinced you.

If you feel that your loved one will benefit from the Aurum life, you may hesitate in bringing the topic up with them. However, one visit to Aurum is likely to influence them to consider us as their new home.

Key things to consider

There are several things that you should take into consideration while choosing a plan at Aurum:

Consider the level of care you need
We offer different kinds of accommodations ranging from independent living, assisted living to specialized care centres for individuals with dementia or other chronic conditions. You can also opt for a personal GDA for further assistance. Consider the level of care you currently need as you make the move. You can always opt to increase the level of care, if needed.
Consider the living arrangement you want
Do you want your independent room or do you want to share a room with your spouse, friend or sibling? Would you require a private lounge? Consider these things while choosing from the various room settings at Aurum.
About Aurum Assisted Living

Aurum Assisted Living is a new 40 room & suites Boutique Assisted Living Residence, located in Gurugram, Delhi NCR. It is an abode for elders looking for a family of likeminded co-residents as well as to those who may require assistance in day to day living with special support and care. At Aurum Assisted Living our aim is to Add Life to Years of our Residents.

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