Independent Living at Aurum

Specialized care to enable you to make the most of your golden years


Real Independence comes after Retirement!

Be a part of the Aurum community without compromising your privacy and lifestyle choices. Independent Living is for seniors who wish to be in the company of like-minded people and spend time doing things they love, away from the hassles and anxieties of everyday life. Aurum’s housekeeping, nutrition and concierge teams work together to give you a non-intrusive, luxurious quality of life.

Independent living allows an individual or couple to stay in in an accommodation of their choice without mundane concerns like daily needs shopping, domestic help, housekeeping and maids, safety and security . All this while enjoying the perks of supportive senior care available as and when. No Tension!

Your time is NOW. Chose what you do with it.

At Aurum you will get the time and opportunity to follow you passions, ambitions and hobbies. This is the time to uncover hidden talents and pursue your favorite hobbies that may have previously taken a backseat.

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