Geriatric Care at Aurum

Good health begins with great care


Give yourself the gift of good health!

Geriatric care focuses on the health of residents by prevention, timely detection and treatment of age-related conditions. Aurum’s nutrition team, medical team and physiological teams and lifestyle experts come together to create a healthy lifestyle and regimen, customized to the health conditions and medical history of each resident.

Bernard Isaacs coined the term Geriatric Giants and named them immobility, instability, incontinence and impaired memory. Aurum’s teams work towards promoting good health by focusing on all four aspects of old-age health, resulting in elevated quality of life, independence and functional abilities.

Physical Conditioning & Mobility
Regular physical exercises, activities and physiotherapy to keep our residents in good shape
Stress-Free Environment
Enjoy a stress-free environment at our serene campus to promote good health and happiness
Mental Health & Conditioning
Regular creative, cognitive and group activities to promote mental & spiritual well-being
Planned Diets & Nutrition
Dietician curated meal plans, customized for each resident with an aim to promote holistic well-being
Disease Detection & Prevention
Regular medical check-ups and consultations for early detection and prevention of diseases and conditions.

Carefully curated to ensure your comfort,
safety & privacy

Aurum Assisted Living has been built from the ground up for seniors and the rooms are no exception. Each room at Aurum features a long list of carefully curated safety and accessibility additions that make it incredibly safe and comfortable for seniors.

Wheelchair Friendly
Antiskid Flooring in
Shower & WC area
Security Grab-Bars in
Shower & WC Area
Temperature Controlled
All Season Temperature
Controlled Rooms
Emergency Call Bells in
Bedroom & Bathroom
Generous Storage
Personal Micro
Crockery, Cutlery
& Kettle
Work Desk
Well-Ventilated Rooms
with ample daylight
Intercom with direct

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