Dementia & Memory Care

Specialized care to enable you to make the most of your golden years


Dementia Care at Aurum

Caring for an individual with dementia is a challenging job, both from physical and emotional perspectives. Our homes are generally not equipped to provide the essential safety & security to ensure their well-being. Aurum’s Memory Care unit offers a safe, secure and comfortable environment for our residents.

Our memory care team includes Neurologists, physicians, ICU-trained nurses and experienced caregivers that work round-the-clock to ensure a better quality of life for our residents. Dementia Care team at Aurum is well-trained to identify, manage and treat the symptoms of dementia and the precaution required to care for the resident.

What is Dementia?

The first step to caring for Dementia is to understand it. Dementia is referred to as a group of diseases that affect the way people think and interact, arising due to damage sustained by the brain cells – Sometimes due to injuries and most commonly due to ageing. Individuals with Dementia suffer from short-term memory loss, mind, speech and motor skills. While the Dementia causing diseases can be treated to some extent, but it keeps on worsening with age. Individuals with Dementia require extensive care and round the clock monitoring. Dementia patients exhibit one or more such symptoms:

Loss of judgement & decision-making ability
Loss of orientation in time and space
Deterioration of Problem-solving abilities
Loss of verbal communication
Behavioral changes including eating, dressing and interests
May become unable to perform household tasks
Inappropriate response, lack of emotional control

Activities for Memory Care Residents at Aurum

Cognitive stimulation activities are reported to produce short-term improvement and reduce rate of decline in cognitive function. Test results revealed improved functional status, quality of life, psychological well-being and social participation. Such activity can ideally target both individuals and groups.

Aurum has an entire floor dedicated for memory care residents and is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure that aids in strategically rebuilding, conditioning and strengthening the memory through daily cognitive stimulation activities that include:

Mental Stimulation
Puzzles, games and reading
Physical Stimulation
Walking, exercising & dancing
Folding laundry, setting table & feeding pets
Creative Stimulation
Art & craft, painting, playing music & singing
Daily Living
Taking bath, brushing, eating, getting dressed
Reminiscence therapy is another type of treatment aimed at activating brain cells by getting them to access the memories of the past by direct or indirect stimulation. Activities include:
Looking through photo albums
Creating scrapbooks
Telling stories
Re-reading letters and greeting cards
Creating music playlists
Social & Recreational Activities

We also plan daily social and recreational activities for residents that include Tombola, Antakshari, group discussions, indoor movies, yoga etc. Apart from this our physiotherapists plan a new activity for our residents. These activities are planned in a manner where mental exercise and a little bit of physical movement are required like griping exercises and chair Zumba.

Carefully curated to ensure your comfort,
safety & privacy

The entire Aurum facility has been built from the ground up for seniors and the rooms are no exception. Each room at Aurum features a long list of carefully curated safety and accessibility additions that make it incredibly safe and comfortable for seniors.

Wheelchair Friendly
Antiskid Flooring in
Shower & WC area
Security Grab-Bars in
Shower & WC Area
Temperature Controlled
All Season Temperature
Controlled Rooms
Emergency Call Bells in
Bedroom & Bathroom
Generous Storage
Personal Micro
Crockery, Cutlery
& Kettle
Work Desk
Well-Ventilated Rooms
with ample daylight
Intercom with direct

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