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Covid care protocols at Aurum

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Aurum Covid safety protocols

At Aurum, your safety is our priority. We have a special 300 point COVID protocol to keep you safe. This has been curated by doctors involved in designing protocols for the IPL (Indian Premier League), various TV networks and Bollywood movies.


All visitors will have to abide by the following Covid19 prevention & protection protocols:

  1. Visitors are required to give an undertaking by signing our COVID form
  2. Visiting hours will be between 11am to 6pm only
  3. Date and time of visit should be informed to the Facility at least two days in advance
  4. Maximum of 2 persons will be allowed per visit.
  5. Maximum of four visits will be entertained in a day (two visit each before and after lunch)
  6. On arrival the visitors will be screened at the Gate, will be asked to sanitize their hands and shoes, and will be provided with a fresh Face Mask to wear during their visit
  7. Visitors exhibiting symptoms of fever, cough and flu will not be permitted to enter the Facility
  8. The visitors will have to show their status on Arogya Setu app
  9. Visitors coming from containment areas will not permitted to enter the Facility
  10. Regular hand sanitization/ washing, wearing of face mask and observance of social distancing will be mandatory while visit
  11. Any item brought by visitors will be sanitized before being delivered to the residents
  12. After every visit, full sanitization of the Facility, including the unit will be done
COVID SAFETY for Residents

All visitors will have to abide by the following Covid19 prevention & protection protocols:

  1. Before Check-in of a new resident, the resident must provide a negative Covid test for the safety of other residents
  2. Regular symptom monitoring will be undertaken for early detection
  3. All medicines will be given under medical supervision
  4. For safety of residents, bank services (such as small value cheques/ ATM withdrawals) will be offered by our staff, so that residents don’t need to go out.
  5. All items purchased for residents will be sanitized before being delivered to their apartments
  6. Residents are encouraged to wear masks & follow social distancing
  7. All activities and entertainment will be done keeping COVID safety in mind
  8. Strict housekeeping protocols are in place to clean your apartment as well as common areas