General Questions

Aurum is located at H1/10 South City 2, Gurgaon 122018.
Aurum was built in 2019- 2020 and opened in December 2020. The residences have been built ground up and curated for seniors.
Aurum is a “Senior and Assisted Living Residence” for Senior Citizens seeking Independent Living or those in need of various levels of assistance for day to day living because of age or medical conditions. You should move to Aurum if you are looking to have a hassle-free living and improve your quality of life.
Aurum follows an incomparable strict 300-point Covid Protocol to ensure the Residents remain Covid Free. The protocols have been set by the same team doctors who set the COVID protocols for Indian Premier League (IPL) and many Bollywood movie shootings.
Ans: No, it is luxury living home for senior citizens. Overseen by celebrated doctors, the facility has 24*7 ICU trained nurse and equipment for delivering first aid and medical emergencies.
Aurum is conceptualized, planned, and built by a family of highly qualified doctors who understand the minute needs of senior citizens.
By lease renting one of the five different types of Studio Apartment as per your choice. These are available for short stays of minimum 2 weeks, long stays or for life.
We are sorry. Aurum Studio Apartments are only available on Lease/ Rent only.
Aurum is managed on a day to day basis by US Qualified Doctors specializing in Cardiology and Neurology as well as a team of sensitized professionals and care givers with experience of hospitality and managing senior residence facilities.

Aurum is a Park Facing 36000 sq. feet Residence across 7 levels comprising of

  • Studio Apartments and Suites all with Kitchenettes, Balconies and Bathrooms
  • Terrace Garden.
  • Floor Lounges
  • Restaurant overlooking a sunken garden.
  • Club room
  • Activity room.
  • Gymnasium
  • Physiotherapy Room
  • Salon and Baber shop
  • Walking Track
  • Therapy gardens
  • Temple /Prayer Room
  • and more

In the Aurum Experience we strive to give you a hassle-free living so you can “Get More Out of Life”.

Aurum provides home cooked type meals and beverages six times a day, all housekeeping and maintenance, medical support at various levels for both independent as well as for assisted living, numerous daily activities by our Happiness Manager and Clinical Psychologist, outdoor activities when possible, concierge services, medical and physiotherapy support as requested and cater to other personal requests of residents to ensure that they feel Aurum is really their home.

We have curated multiple fun-loving activities throughout the day in which you can participate and have fun.

2. Room Types

The Aurum residences offer 6 different available options-

  • Two Room Deluxe Apartment Suites
  • Junior Apartment Suites
  • Park Facing Studio Apartments
  • Interconnecting Studio Apartments
  • Twin Sharing Studio Apartments
  • Studio Apartments

All units come with attached Bathrooms, Balconies and Kitchenettes.

3. Stay and Care Plans

Most residents at Aurum are for Long term/Lifelong stays. However, we have special programs for Short Term Stays or even Trial Stays from 3 to 7 days for the following types of Care Plans –

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Dementia and Memory Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Geriatric Care
  • Post-Operative Care

4. Aurum Feasibility Evaluation

Either call us on 981 080 9965 or 886 080 9555 or email us at or send us a message from our website. The entire check-in process can be duly completed in 48 - 72 hours. For short term stays this can be as early as 24 hours.

We will then set up your site visit as per your convenience to familiarize yourself with “Aurum: Senior & Assisted Living Residence”.

Post your visit we will provide you a detailed application for residency. Once that is completed and submitted to us along with the document requested, our screening committee will scrutinise the document with special focus on your personal, medical, and assisted care (if required) requirements. During this time, if not already met, our care team will meet the resident to understand his/her needs and living situation. Our endeavour will be to curate his living experience at Aurum to his personal living style.

The prospective resident can also undergo a specially designed multi-disciplinary medical exam prior to admission (encouraged by not mandatory) to understand his/her current health status so his life enhancing programs can be personalized.

Once the type of apartment and any special requirements are finalized, the admission formalities (Residency contract and commercials) can be completed, and we will then be ready to welcome you to Aurum Senior & Assisted Living.

From our side all the above processes can be completed in 24 to 48 hours.

We will be sending you the monthly bill on 1st of every month by email. You need to make payment by 5th of the same month. Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer like RTGS, NEFT, IMPS. Payments should be credited to our account by 5th of the month.

Per facility policy, we keep a security deposit for any emergencies and a petty cash for any incidental expenditures.

No, for the convenience of other residents, we have no pet policy.

Aurum rents out apartments to both couples & singles.

Couples, siblings, and friends can also stay in the same apartment or choose interconnected apartments.

Yes. Aurum is Wi-Fi compliant throughout its residence.
Yes, we have a senior friendly gym with a physical trainer on call

Yes, you can maintain your own car however we do not have indoor parking. There is free street parking outside Aurum where parking is available on first come basis. This will be at your own risk as in other residential colonies.

We do have our travel partners and can arrange taxi’s and cabs as needed.

No there are no specific visiting hours. However, Residents need to be sensitive to the fact that Aurum is a senior living. Some seniors do tend to sleep a little early in the night and visitors may disturb such fellow residents.

We have an open-door policy. We encourage family members to visit as often as they like.

Aurum is managed by a GM Aurum Family and supported by key Departmental Heads like Happiness Manager & Clinical Psychologist, Hygiene & Housekeeping Manager, Front Office and Reception Manager, Nursing and Care Head etc. We also have a live-in Facility Manager who is also a senior nurse with administrative experience.

Our caregivers and house staff undergo continuous training to better cater to the needs of the residents.

5. Covid Protection

Yes, Aurum follows an extensive and rigid 300-point COVID 19 protocol panning all departments and covering all visitors to ensure that residents are provided with maximum protection from the Covid 19 virus. The protocols have been set by the same team doctors who set the COVID protocols for Indian Premier League (IPL) and many Bollywood movie shootings.

Yes, we allow only a limited number of visitors per day. These visitors need to take prior appointments to visit Aurum and are pre-screened before being allowed entry.

Every day, staff is screened and masked before they enter Aurum premises and doubtful cases are asked to go on leave.

Strict guidelines are provided for wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands in our 300-point Covid Protocol and even House Rules. These are intensively monitored by management and staff on a minute to minute basis. There are automatic and manual sanitisers placed at strategic points all over Aurum and there are automated Sanitising Sprays used at critical points in Aurum.

Our Hygiene and Housekeeping Department follows a rigorous routine of variable multiple times sterilisation of common areas of Aurum.

There is an extensive sanitization protocol for all items entering Aurum, whether it is daily vegetables and consumables, operating supplies, resident purchases, packages being received through E Purchases or visitors etc.

All staff who show signs and symptoms of Covid are strongly advised to take leave and get themselves tested. Only once they show negative results are, they allowed to resume duties in Aurum again.

6. Pre-Check in and Pricing

We would be delighted to show you around against prefixed appointment only. Please send us an email with your contact information at or fill up the online enquiry Form.

We have a customise pricing for our residents. Our pricing depends on the following variable elements-

  • Type of Apartment (6 types)
  • Duration of stay
  • Single /Double Occupancy
  • Accompanying Care Giver if any
  • Meals for one or two residents or for personal caregiver if any.
  • Level of Care Required and confirmed by the inhouse doctor.
  • Requirement of personal care giver if any and for 12/24 hours.

Yes, this is possible. Please reach out to us at

No, this option is not available. Apartments must be occupied by the person mentioned in the contract.

7. Check-in Formalities

You can move in, once your contract is signed, security deposit are duly credited and other admission formalities completed.

Check in date and time should be strictly followed to facilitate checking in and onboarding, which is a detailed process involving post check-in basic medical test by our own team.

8. Your Apartment

Aurum has no rooms. It only has Studio Apartments.

An apartment is a one room unit slightly larger than an ordinary room. It has a dedicated space for a small kitchenette with a microwave, fridge, electric kettle, basic crockery and cutlery and a small wash basin, in addition to your personal balcony and bathroom.

We have six different options for you to choose from-

  • 2 Room Deluxe Suite
  • Junior Suite
  • Park Facing Studio Apartment.
  • Interconnected Studio Apartment.
  • Twin bedded Studio Apartment.
  • Studio Apartment.

How many people can occupy an apartment?

  • All Apartments can be used for Single or Double occupancy.
  • We have limited King Size beds.
  • Most Apartments have Queen size Beds.
  • Twin bedded rooms are also available.
  • Our interconnecting rooms are ideal for siblings, friends, or even couples where individual privacy is valued during the senior ages.

How many people can occupy an apartment?

  • Balcony
  • Bathroom with antiskid flooring, grab Bars and wheelchair accessibility.
  • Kitchenette with fridge, microwave, kettle, basic crockery and cutlery and wash basin.
  • Queen/King/Twin Beds with side tables.
  • Emergency call buttons near bedside and in Bathroom.
  • LED TV
  • Wardrobes
  • Study Table and Chair.
  • All weather air conditioning.
  • Safe/Locker
  • EPABX landline connection.
  • Ample Lighting
  • Curtains
  • Bed Linen and Duvets
  • Bath and Hand Towels
  • Artwork/Wall Painting

9. Food and Beverage

Our kitchen operates from 6am to 10 pm. However, in case of adhoc requirements, we can serve uncooked items on special request.

Yes, room service facility is available, and should be used especially when you are not well or under the weather.

However, we encourage you to eat in the Dining Room with other residents to build relationships.

At Aurum, residents can avail of six food services-

  • Bed Tea
  • Breakfast
  • Mid-Morning Beverage/Fruit
  • Lunch
  • Tea
  • Dinner
  • Late Night Beverage

The menu plan is curated by our nutritionist and Chef to ensure a delicious, well-balanced, and nutritious meal for better health. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served against a set vegetarian menu that changes daily and will pan Indian, Continental & Oriented Cuisine food during the week.

During the day residents will have an option for Hot and Cold Beverages, snacks, or fruits.

We also have a customised diet as per medical restriction of the resident.

Whilst Eggs will be served, Aurum will not cook Non-Vegetarian food inhouse, nor will there be any non-vegetarian food on the set menu.

However, Residents are free to order in Non-Vegetarian food on their own from either a partnered home chef shortlisted or from a restaurant of their choice and settle charges directly for the same.

Any special food ordered out of the menu of the day is charged. We do a lot of customisation in daily menu, but still if somebody needs any specific food it will be on chargeable basis.

10. Housekeeping & Maintenance

Our Hygiene and Housekeeping staff will clean your apartment, balcony, and bathroom as per housekeeping operating processes.

Our Maintenance Department will offer such repair services to your apartment.

Yes, you can. This is your own home, and we encourage our residents to personalize the rooms to your liking and when it time for check-out, please return the room in the pre-move-in condition.

Though we encourage our residents to personalize the apartment and make it your own, major structural changes and readjustments are not possible

We have a cloak room where all extra bags can be stored.

11. Medical Support

Aurum’s team of Medical experts consisting of a Doctor, a Psychologist, a Physiotherapist, and a Nurse among others will be involved in an initial medical assessment.

You will be required to share and disclose aspects of medical history, diagnoses, and reports. This will help us in better managing your health and well-being.

All residents will need a COVID negative report prior to check-in.

Yes, of course. Our meals are designed under the guidance of nutritionists. They ensure that each day’s meals remain balanced, healthy, and nutritious.

This is done keeping in mind that diabetes, hypertension, and the risk for developing them is common in older age. Any specific requirements can be accommodated on a case to case basis.

Our health care facilities include:

  • A specially designed Covid19 protocol
  • 24x7 ICU trained nurses available on location
  • Medications, basic health checks are under the care of nurses
  • Medical Centre equipped with all basic supplies
  • A dedicated recovery room within the Medical Centre
  • A medical doctor
  • Physiotherapy room with in-consulting physiotherapist
  • Emergency Protocols & Emergency Handling
  • Ambulance on call
  • Partner Hospitals
  • Partner doctors
  • Fitness and exercise areas and classes

Apart from this, at Aurum, we will also arrange health discussion and talks. We also have a gym and walking track for seniors. We hold yoga and other exercise classes on a regular basis.

At Aurum, we have a Holistic Approach to improving your quality of life and well-being.

Your medical records will be kept safely with us with discretion of access. Only medical team and GM will have need-based access to such records.

Aurum believes in holistic care that surpasses fulfilment of basic physiological needs.

We create an atmosphere of trust, compassion, and unconditional positivity for each member of our family.

Aurum’s care goes beyond everyday basic needs such as daily meals, laundry, and housekeeping.

It includes medical care such as basic health checks, medication administration by nurses, and doctor visits.

We go even beyond medical care to include holistic well-being by integrating activities and programs for varied needs.

Specialised activities support, socialization, and engagement for elders’ mental well-being.

At Aurum, we have a specialised Dementia Care Unit. It is under the care of Dr Sonia Lal Gupta (A US board certified Neurologist). The dementia care unit has a specialised program for seniors with dementia. A combination of cognitive stimulation activities, reminiscent activities and social activities help keep our elders positively engaged and happy.

Each room at Aurum has an emergency Call Button at your bedside and in the bathroom. There is a nursing station on every floor and we also have a medical Centre.

This ensures that when an elder needs immediate medical attention, it is met with in a timely and urgent manner.

Both Palliative and Hospice care are medical care specialities that aim to support people with serious, long term illnesses.

The goals in both levels of care is to improve the quality of life of the individual, increase overall comfort, and provide emotional support.

The difference is in when this care is given. Palliative care can begin along with treatment as soon as someone is diagnosed with a serious long-term illness. Hospice care begins when treatment has been stopped and the illness is terminal.

Nursing homes are designed specifically to cater to seniors who require intensive 24 hours medical supervision due to their physical or mental condition. Assisted living is for seniors who are otherwise independent but may need minimal level of care and do not feel capable of living alone.

At Aurum, we provide varied levels of care-independent living, assisted living, dementia care, palliative care, post-operative care--depending on the needs of the elder.

Yes. We periodically assess the elder and keep track of each resident’s changing needs. We ensure that the changing needs are incorporated into the elder’s care plan.

This is also discussed and communicated with the resident and their family.

Day care facilities provide care for a specified number of hours during the day. At such facilities, the non-resident elders receive care only during their visit.

Aurum is a dedicated Senior & Assisted Living facility. All residents stay at Aurum for the entire duration (24*7). They receive 24x7 care and all facilities of their daily needs.

Service free includes nursing services such as basic medical health checks, medication administration and supervision. The cost of medications outsources health checks and hospital, and other medical expenses are not included.

Yes. We do vital check-up 3 times a day of the Residents. These vitals are collated and can be assessed by designated family persons on a regular basis.

Apart from this we would also be checking periodically various parameters like sugar, Lipid profile etc. Special health checks are personalized on a case by case basis.

12. Activities

We have a Holistic Activity Calendar for residents encompassing physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual activities.

These indoor & outdoor activities include popular ones like Movies, Tombola, Antakshri, Karaoke, Painting, Puzzles, Cards, Carom, Yoga, Bhajans -Kirtans-Havans, Kids Performances, Music performances etc.

We also customise activities depending upon condition & requirement of special care residents.

Activities are planned two to three times a day and residents are free to choose what they want to participate in.

Right now, during Covid, we are limiting outdoor activities to our Terrace Garden. Once the pandemic is over, we will have a separate plan based on resident suggestions.

13. Concierge Services

We have an inhouse runner service for attending to resident’s ad hoc requirements from the local shopping areas including banking services, courier service or anything that needs to be done locally. There are no service charges for this service.

Our Car and Driver services are available on a chargeable basis so that you do not miss your own conveyance.

We also facilitate bookings of travel and stay in case travel is required.

Yes, we have exceptionally reliable service providers of Cab/Taxi in case you prefer to use these rather than Uber/Ola.

Yes, we have our own car which resident can book and use at a charge.

14. Security Support

We have a 24/7 Front Gate Security Guarding Aurum. We are compliant with the local fire laws.

All our frontline staff have been screened by the local police station and employed if they are found clear of any misdemeanour.

We maintain cordial relations with the local Police, Fire Station, and Ambulance providers.

We have 2 Emergency call buttons in your room, one near your bedside and the other in the bathroom. Pressing this will gear our Emergency Response team to reach you within the time standards set.

15. Checking Out

Let us assure you that there should be no reason of unhappiness. Aurum Family assures and always strives to make improvements to provide the best care to their residents.

We take regular feedback and encourage you for your inputs to make Aurum, a better place for you and your loved one.

Even after discussions and trials, if you still feel that the resident needs to opt-out of the Aurum Family, then it is requested to serve the notice period as per contract.

Unless otherwise stated, it is normally 3 months along with difference in rates for a shorter stay.

All bills must be cleared before residents leave Aurum.

16. Contact us


Telephone: 981 080 9965 or 886 080 9555


Address: H1/10 South City 2, Sector 50, Gurgaon 122018