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Mental Stress and its Importance in Elders

As we grow up, we gather beautiful experiences in life. Until the age of 60, we have a certain mind frame for things and situations but soon after that age, we tend to lose that streak. It is time that we realise the importance of mental health in elders as this might scan for undetected problems that are difficult to handle. With age, the concern for mental ability also rises that needs expert help.

In this fast-paced world, the younger population is not that open to understand the mindset of our elders empathetically. On the contrary, Aurum – a senior and assisted living, has a well-equipped medical team with trained staff to understand and give assistance to senior residents. Mental health problems can have a high impact on an elderly’s ability to carry out basic daily living activities. This is one of the highlighted reasons for their dependence and it controls their quality of living. The very first step to treatment is to early diagnose such behaviors and be better educated about such disorders. When we don’t have the proper skill and time to observe every little thing and here is when the problem starts to build up.

Mental disorders that are common among elders are Depression, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, and Schizophrenia. Dealing with these disorders is never easy as one needs special care before, as well as after the treatment. That is why Aurum is considered as one of the finest Senior Assisted & Living spaces in Gurgaon.

Understanding common issues of mental disorders in elders

1: Loss of Memory: This is one of the earliest symptoms of mental illness. At some point, older people tend to have issues with memory but it can be kept under check if the person is in regular contact with the experts.

2: Personal care: Personal care can become compromised for people with mental ailments. For such patients, it has to be made sure that they talk about their feelings whenever they are troubled. Also, for them, every little thing needs to be taken care of, such as drinking enough fluids, eating a healthy diet, being active and involved in a group activity and doing something that you have always enjoyed doing.

3: Mood Swings: Your loved ones can feel anxious, depressed, or maybe confused which brings drastic mood changes. All of us experience mood swings daily, but if the behaviour becomes unpredictable for a long period of time, then it could possibly lead to mental ailments, which are termed as mood disorders. Situations like these need professional care and only experts can find a solution that is both beneficial and achievable. Although, rapid mood swings are often related to mental ailments or even certain health conditions. These rapid swings not only hamper your emotions but your life as well. That’s why it’s all the more necessary that you talk about these ailments to a professional so that you can get proper help.

There are a lot of big and small symptoms depending upon any particular mental ailment; these can help people figure out what the actual ailment a person is actually suffering from. A major symptom of any mental ailment is being disconnected from social activities. When a person is unable to cope, then they tend to live alone with anxiety. Moreover, mental ailments can have an ill effect on one’s physical health too. Mental struggles usually bring along heart diseases that are too risky. Since mental ailments affect the brain, they also affect the central nervous system, which could magnify the problem and hence such patients need proper and timely care. Having said that, we would like to apprise you that all mental ailments are manageable with proper care, medications, lifestyle changes and therapy.

At Aurum, we understand the individual needs and this encourages us to create a loving and compassionate space for seniors. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and this is a mindful thought to adopt. Following are a couple of methods to keep mental ailments at bay among senior citizens.

1: Playing games: Playing games is a fun way to release mental and physical negativity and hence it plays an important role in managing one’s thoughts. Board games are known to sharpen one’s thinking skills, planning skills, speed, etc. It also helps improve and boost one’s memory.

2: Physical exercises: Doing physical exercises affects the brain positively and that is the reason our seniors need regular yoga or any other physical activity. Staying active and getting enough exercise is important for seniors’ mental health. Low impact exercises like stretching, walking are very useful, and they are easy to do too. Aurum makes sure that the senior residents enjoy incorporating such activities. Physical activities reduce levels of anxiety, stress, and depression and it is recommended for every senior.

3: Socialising: Meeting friends or like-minded people is always a good idea to fight depression. It helps a person to diminish the discouraging feeling of loneliness. Socialising not only increases your happiness and fills you with positivity but also helps in boosting memory. So, you can say that going out to meet people and experience life helps elders boost their mental wellbeing. All it takes is someone who understands and helps them with warmth and patience.

At Aurum, we believe that with empathetic support and professional help, we all can fight depression. Aurum – senior and assisted living has that spark that indulges adults to take their mental fitness at par. Our experts and trained staff always make sure that all the Aurum residents are treated with care, and compassion throughout their stay. We make sure that we level up your happiness and contentment with a team of highly qualified doctors helping you every day and all-around your stay. At Aurum, the infrastructure, as well as the state-of-the-art medical equipment, are in place to take care of you whenever you need it.

For everyone, the importance of mental health is growing day by day, especially among seniors. With Covid-19, a significant surge for the same has been observed. One of the reasons why the importance of Aurum comes up is because we welcome all the seniors with open arms, those who want to live their life worry-free, filled with positive memories, and are ready to make more. At Aurum, we take care of our seniors like a family and our experienced mental wellbeing specialists and therapists put genuine smiles on their faces.

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Last modified: January 7, 2022