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Luxury Assisted Living in India

India, the most populous nation in the world, is witnessing a sharp rise in the number of seniors. Due to the nuclear structure of families, expectations regarding post- retirement lifestyles, the need for socialisation and community living amongst seniors, the need for advanced-level medical care, etc., seniors are preferring an assisted living way of life. Best assisted living furnishings and amenities are preferred by seniors for a high-end, and upscale living experience.

Challenges of seniority

As one retires and progresses towards seniority, their needs and preferences change, although their self-perceptions and behaviours may or may not change over time. While some senior citizens develop a strong desire to live the remaining years of their lives independently and engage in activities that they have longed for, some seniors perceive themselves as a burden on other members of the family, and, in some cases, they become redundant, for they have passed their prime ages. However, not everybody dwells in negativity after becoming a senior citizen. It should also be remembered that the amount or extent of change in personality can differ hugely from one person to another.

Here are a few challenges faced by seniors:

  1. Developing impulsive and reckless behaviour. The change in behaviour can result from physical disease or disorder, a feeling of isolation and depression, boredom, the absence of a feel-good factor, losing a loved one, or a change in the behaviour and treatment of other family members of the senior.
  2. Having more mood swings. Reacting inappropriately, refusing or deliberately forgetting medication, getting reckless or often engaging in self-harming behaviour, or not being in the right space and zone due to physical fatigue- also play a role. 
  3. Onset of cognitive decline. Senior citizens often get affected by dementia, and a decline in physical sturdiness. Geriatric problems like vision or hearing problems, incontinence, etc. also result in changes in an individual’s behaviour, cognition, communication, and decision-making capabilities. 
  4. Side effects of medication. If the senior has been on medication for a longer time, then the side effects begin to show up as they age.
  5. The burden of physical disability. Being specially-abled or having serious mobility issues
  6. Getting affected by diseases that permanently damage one’s physical and emotional wellbeing, for instance, getting paralysed after suffering a stroke.

For the above mentioned reasons, and a few more, seniors in India prefer to shift to assisted living facilities for an enhanced quality of life. Here is a list of a few care plans offered by the provisions of assisted living in Delhi, India– 

Independent living care – this care plan is chosen by seniors who are in a great state both physically and emotionally. It allows the seniors, especially the retirement communities, to enjoy life on their own terms. They can have a luxurious lifestyle, relaxing and rejuvenating attitude in a judgement-free, secure environment. One can experience luxury senior living at its best by choosing an independent living care plan. Seniors lead a holistic life by socialising with like-minded seniors, engaging in mindfulness, having a great time in the Seenagers Club, exercising and pursuing hobbies, and more—leaving aside all the stresses of life. At all times, safety, comfort, and privacy for seniors are prioritised.

Assisted living care– this care plan is chosen by seniors who are otherwise healthy, but are in need of trivial support for day-to-day chores. The renowned luxury senior living homes have groups of caregivers to assist seniors with personal care and hygiene, medication, housekeeping, food and nutrition, laundry, and mobility in some cases. The living apartments in such premium assisted living facilities are well-ventilated, well-maintained, and accessible, thereby contributing greatly to the wellness of the senior. 

Geriatric care– while some geriatric issues are curable, others can only be managed, and prevented from further deterioration. Ageing causes a range of setbacks in seniors that immensely impact their wellbeing, temperament, social life, etc. Aurum has in-house care-providers who understand geriatric issues and the challenges faced by seniors with those issues. Hence, the medical team in luxury senior living homes, like Aurum focuses on prevention, detection, and management of those issues by ensuring daily doctor’s visits, nutritious food, exercises and activities, regular screenings, and a healthy lifestyle and regimen for the seniors. 

Dementia and memory care– The best assisted living in Delhi/ NCR, Aurum, has an entire floor dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for seniors with dementia. This care plan ensures cognitive stimulation activities and a state-of-the-art support system to help seniors have better functional status, emotional wellbeing, and social participation. Some of the memory-care activities include reading and writing, walking and exercising, performing simple chores, engaging in art and craft, and simple personal care tasks.

Post-surgery recovery care– If a senior had surgery, Aurum, the best assisted living in Delhi/ NCR has the right expertise to help that senior recover in the smoothest way possible. It is not unnatural for seniors to suffer from a series of complications after surgery, which in turn, arise from fragility, weakening of muscles and bones, reduced immunity power, and a lower capacity to tolerate pain. Aurum’s in-house medical team helps the seniors recover by following the best course of action, both in terms of medication, and mobility. The caring and compassionate nature of teams tending to the seniors, makes for a happier journey to recovery.

Palliative care This care plan customises the care regime for seniors who are terminally ill. Aurum has partnerships with specialist doctors as well as network hospitals and pathology labs to respond to medical emergencies as well as regular checkups. In most cases, seniors with palliative diseases prefer a medical and also caregiving team that understands how to provide comfort and motivate them. The teams also ensure to include the families and friends of the concerned senior during counselling sessions. For seniors needing palliative care, Aurum always focuses on the holistic healing of the concerned seniors in a stress-free, well-facilitated environment. World-class expertise to offer palliative care makes Aurum the best assisted living facility in Delhi/NCR.

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Last modified: May 24, 2023