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Geriatric Care Management for Top 5 Geriatric Problems in Elders

Geriatric Care

Every phase of life has its own challenges, and the golden age of life, i.e., your life after retirement is no exception to this. As one ages, one’s body changes numerous illnesses and some dysfunction evolves in discrete ways. Physical and emotional ability gets challenged by frailty, imbalance, and decline in optimal functioning of organs, urinary incontinence, depression, and more. For coping up with those problems, a senior needs a dedicated geriatric care program where the personal challenges of the person will be addressed by experts with complete care and compassion.

5 Common types of geriatric syndromes in elders

1. Inability to control bladder –  Urinary incontinence along with disorders of the urinary tract are very much common amongst elders. With age, the capacity of the human bladder to control urine decreases, causing the urine to release involuntarily. It further gives rise to embarrassment for the elder person, increases the risk of slipping and falling, disrupts the sleep cycle, and more. However, with proper geriatric care management, this problem can be addressed. At Aurum, you can have your 24×7 personal caretaker who will help you in bathroom visits whenever needed, and the medical team will help you deal with urinary incontinence and constipation problems. A balanced diet and exercise will be included in your daily routine to help you manage this geriatric syndrome. Moreover, Aurum has senior-friendly bathroom features like- security grab bars, anti-skid flooring, to ensure your safety at all times.

2. Mild to severe insomnia – After retirement, the cycle of physical and mental exhaustion gets disrupted, causing insomnia and other sleep-related disorders in elders. Sleep pattern also changes as one gets older, it’s largely common but one faces enough difficulties when there is no proper sleeping schedule, diet plans, and stress management.

The stress-free environment plays a vital role in treating insomnia. At Aurum, we serve all your needs and manage your daily cycle that helps in improving your sleeping pattern.

3. Delirium – Delirium is a stage of mental confusion that makes awareness and focusing on anything difficult. It is a neuropsychiatric syndrome that results in cognitive disorder due to inflammation in the spinal cord or brain, body imbalances caused by nerve tissues, or change in the brain chemicals or alterations in brain functions. Although delirium is more prevalent among elders who are suffering from chronic diseases for years, delirium has multiple stages and it always differs from person to person, with the most critical cases often needing hospitalization and emergency care. Its symptoms include- inability to speak on a topic, confusion in responding to questions, incoherent conversations, inability to stay focused, and difficulty in reading or writing, trouble in understanding words, disorientation in chores or personal care routine. All these, combined, along with Dementia and memory loss, impact behavioral patterns significantly.

4.Falling over due to balance problems – Osteoporosis is one of the major reasons behind tripping and falling in elders. Bones and muscles in humans lose mass over time, thereby becoming fragile and weak. This thinning bone syndrome is diagnosed through Bone Mass Density (BDM) test, and is regularly recommended to men and women over the age of 65 years. With lesser control on muscles and lower body balance, seniors have higher risks of experiencing falls during walking, climbing stairs or exercising, and getting themselves seriously injured. For safety and security, an elder needs round-the-clock geriatric care.

5.Weight loss – Studies have shown that as people age, their appetite and quantity of food-intake gradually decreases, often leading to weakness and a serious deficiency of nutrition in the body. This can get potentially dangerous for elders as it can lead to other disorders like – cognitive or mood disorders, fatigue, infections, reduction in bone density, thereby making the elders avail long-term care programs or hospitalization for a longer period of time.

Ways to manage geriatric problems and promote wellbeing

The best way to manage geriatric problems is by focusing on prevention and timely detection. Elders showing signs of geriatric problems need a holistic and healthy lifestyle regimen, like the one provided by Aurum, the leading senior Assisted Living home located in Gurgaon. Aurum offers a customizable program for Geriatric care management, to elevate not only their quality of life, but also improve their functional abilities and make them independent.

Top focus areas at Aurum for holistic wellbeing –

●             Physical conditioning and mobility

●             Stress-free environment

●             Mental health and conditioning

●             Planned diets and nutrition

●             Disease detection and prevention

How Aurum ensures comfort, safety and wellness to elders suffering from Geriatric problems ?

Aurum is planned, built and managed by a team of doctors and professionals who understand the needs of elders, and hence offer Geriatric care management program, which can be customized as per special needs and lifestyle of a senior. The building of Aurum has exclusive senior-friendly features that are built around the requirements of elders, making movement and daily-chores easier for them.

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